Actívica has developed the one and only Training-as-a-Service tool, developed to improve your teams’ performance via collaborative learning.

Can you imagine yourself doing a 100% immersive activity that augments teamwork in real time?
Teambox Learn is a training solution through in-person and distance-event games. Using the smart phone app, your employees will find themselves rapidly immersed in a challenging group competition where they test their leadership, negotiation, and problem-solving skills.
  • Activities may be scheduled in advance for faster administration.
  • The newsfeed can be adapted according to your company’s Corporate Identity.
  • Multiple formats are available for the presentation of content and performance of different activities.
  • Full configuration of the game’s variables include: number of players, time, activities and scoring.
  • A push notification system alerts users when new missions are ready.
  • Witness online team competitions and individual and global real time rankings!

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