Real-time event games

Real-time Event Games

Spice up your face-to-face business meetings, and improve workplace teamwork with real-time event games.

Our real-time event games combine the infinite possibilities of digital environments with the adrenaline and emotion of taking part on-site and in real-time with hundreds of persons competing against each other.

Team building never looked so entertaining. Develop effective teams through real-time event games.

Real-time event games developed for McDonald´s

Cartoon Adventures

Real-time event games: Galactic Quest sim implemented in McDonald´s

Galactic Quest

Special Agent

Real-time event games will allow your company’s most valuable assets…

Get to know colleagues better and have fun together while learning.
Boost individual and collective creativity by solving problems in real-time.
Build trust, promote inclusivity and empower new ideas among the team.

Dynamics of our real-time event games and simulators.

  1. Simulators are introduced by a moderator who gives an introduction to the game, providing the participants with an explanation of the experience.
  2. The participants then are divided into groups to start playing.
  3. Each team is equipped with an electronic device to visualize and input data, such as a notebook, a smart phone, or an iPad.
  4. All participants know in real-time their team’s ranking, according to their performance during the game.
  5. When the simulation game is over, there is reflection time, where all decisions and actions are discussed.

The game will last for 2 or 3 hours, depending on the conceptual and theoretical contents to be integrated and the duration of the intervals, reflection time, and awards for the event.

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