Gamified Tests

Transform your staff training experience with our engaging Gamified Tests.

Actívica’s “questions & answers mini-games” encourage participants to put their learning into practice with dynamic and interactive challenges, achieving a positive impact on the learning development process.

Boost your employees’ engagement levels with these effective gamified tests:

Gamified Tests: 5 Steps
Break Expectations

5 Steps

Gamified Tests: Sales Guru
Selling Experience

Sales Guru

Gamified Tests: Finish Line
Back to Classics!

Finish Line

Gamified Tests: Treasure Islands
A Thrilling Adventure!

Treasure Islands

What are our pre-build evaluation games like?

Designed to evaluate and entertain your employees.
Fast and effective game built with your own questions set. 
Dynamic, interactive, customizable, and Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) compliant assessments.

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