High-End Custom Courses

We design highly interactive custom courses which transform the training experience.

Our innovative approach, backed by proven adult learning principles, combines industry best practices with the most creative and user-centered solutions.

We customize our solutions to suit your business objectives, not the other way around.

Let us help you with the design of custom courses for your company::

Custom Courses: courses that are customized to their specific company needs. Monitor Icon.
We analyze business needs to transform learning into an immersive experience.
Custom Courses: courses that are customized to their specific company needs. Popular Icon.
Over 500 companies use our interactive, tailored training content.
Custom Courses: courses that are customized to their specific company needs. Class Icon.
We’ve developed over 10,000 hours of educational technology solutions.

What do we do?

  • We develop customized training and interactive content for companies.
  • We augment learning tools with interactive resources. 
  • We provide an educational approach integrating state-of-the-art technologies with a solution-oriented mindset.

How do we do it?

  • We make 100% Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) compliant, custom courses, portable between Learning Management System (LMS) platforms, for multiple devices.
  • We develop content that records and traces data, providing measurable results on learner development.  
  • We incorporate best practices and international full accessibility standards into all content.

Levels of Interactivity In eLearning

The choice of multimedia assets and the degree of interactivity of our eLearning courses constitute an essential part of the training strategy. The interplay of these two variables will contribute significantly to creating an engaging and stimulating learning experience, helping learners improve comprehension and retention rates.

At Actívica, we have created a progression of interactivity stages that, although not the only, nor the definitive classification for eLearning courses, allow for a clear categorization of the standard solutions offered. While there are intermediate steps for each individual project, the four levels of eLearning interactivity include:
Level 1

Low Interactivity

The content is presented in a linear, sequential order to introduce ideas or concepts. The learner has little or no control over the sequences taking place and their interaction with the system may include simple forward/backward navigation. Usually, the lessons are illustrated with photographic material, and occasionally, they may incorporate animated situations and spoken phrases. This level is also referred to as “Rapid eLearning.”.

level 2

Moderate Interactivity

At this level, there is more information presented and greater learner control over the contents. It is typically used for basic operations and maintenance lessons or more complex knowledge presentations, such as procedures and steps. Emulations and simulations may be presented through original graphics and simple animation, usually with accompanying audio narration. Navigation options expand from forward/backward to include menus, branching pathways, index pages, map pages, and glossaries. The variety of exercise types are rich and varied.

level 3

Intermediate Interactivity

This level involves interactions with more elaborate information and greater control. Users may be required to alternate between multiple screens to keep pace with the content. Multiple branches (two to three levels) and rapid response are provided to support remediation. Emulations and simulations are an integral part of this presentation. Graphics include complex original images, multi-step or life-like animations, videos, and advanced audio support.

level 4

Advanced Interactivity

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